Talon Esports dominates VCT LOCK/IN, Foxz pokes fun at North America’s Valorant scene

In VCT LOCK/IN, Talon Esports prevailed over Evil Geniuses by a 2-0. During the game, in the post-match press conference, the Pacific squad commented that North America isn’t one of the top Valorant areas because it doesn’t have Talon.

During the second round of the VCT LOCK/IN, the competition knocked out both Cloud9 and Evil Geniuses, which portrayed the North American region’s poor performance. After defeating Evil Geniuses 2-0, Talon Esports faced questions about recent eliminations in the region and responded by stating that North America is not one of the most significant regions in Valorant.

Itthirit ‘foxz’ Ngamsaard, a player for Talon, stated in a post-match press conference, “To be honest, I think North America is not one of the best regions that have the best teams, so if you want North America to be one of the best regions, you should have Talon in that region.” This statement was met with laughter from Ngamsaard and his teammates.

Talon continues to show his dominance at the first event of the Valorant Champions Tour in 2023

Talon has performed exceptionally well at the VCT LOCK/IN competition. The partnered team was victorious in the first round over MIBR and EG, sweeping them both. Patiphan “Patiphan” Chaiwong, perhaps the most important player on the team, did not travel with the team because of health concerns. As a result, the team will be competing without him.

Apiwat “GarnetS” Apiraksukumal, one of the most impressive players in the match against EG, will take Patiphan’s place in the lineup. As a Duelist for the team, he was responsible for 41 kills over both maps.

When playing under the Xerxia banner in 2022, the core of Talon participated in two major international VCT competitions but was eliminated on the group stage on both occasions. At the Valorant Champions tournament in 2021, the same core, then known as X10 CRIT, finished in the top eight. On February 18, Talon will advance to the third tournament round, where they will compete against DRX, another Pacific squad. The victor of this match will go to the playoff round of the VCT LOCK/IN.

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