Controversy Arises as Evil Geniuses Announce Partnership with Chevron as Official Gasoline Partner

Chevron is an energy company focusing primarily on doing oil and gasoline business. Evil Geniuses just announced their partnership with Chevron. The esports community has responded negatively as a result of this. The history of Evil Geniuses predates the existence of the vast majority of esports organizations that are active in the world today. They have left their imprint on some of the most popular and competitive games that have been released since the company was established in 1999.

Yet, events that have occurred recently in and around EG have dragged the organization into the spotlight of controversy. The news about the events that took place with the top ADC player, Danny, has aroused debate among fans of League of Legends and beyond. Chevron’s affiliation as the “official gasoline partner” of Evil Geniuses has caused the organization to get into much more trouble than it was already in.

Evil Geniuses have signed a contract with Chevron as their “fuel partner.”

Throughout the years, a diverse assortment of businesses, many of which are affiliated with the automobile sector, has provided financial support to esports groups in the form of sponsorships. It’s not uncharted territory for the scene at all.

For instance, DRX is now working with Porsche, and Team Liquid Honda and Dplus KIA also have car firms as their title sponsors. In addition, Mercedes has a long tradition of sponsoring a variety of esports teams and official broadcasts of the competition. On the other hand, the recent announcement made by Evil Geniuses that they are teaming up with Chevron as their “official gasoline partner” has stirred some debate among members of the esports community.

Several retweets have called out the organization for its partnership. The replies to the first tweet from Evil Geniuses are full of irate fans and articles criticizing Chevron for its business practices.

In addition, a rivalry between Evil Geniuses’ League of Legends Championship Series squad and FlyQuest has emerged as a result of FlyQuest’s reputation as a company that is favorable to the environment.

Having said that, a significant energy company such as Chevron is not all that removed from the automobile business, nor is it all that were far outside the sphere of regular sponsors working within the esports industry. At this time, they are still determining whether the community’s response will affect the cooperation between Chevron and Evil Geniuses.

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