Overwatch 2 Players Hope Banners Will Not Be Implemented

Overwatch 2 players have noticed that Blizzard still needs to include a cosmetic component in the sequel, and many fervently hope that the developer never will.

When Overwatch 2 launched initially, players had the opportunity to experiment with various brand-new features. The sequel brought the initial game up to date while also putting a lot of new features into the mix to spice things up. These unique aspects included additional heroes, stages, and playing styles.

One of the upgrades made to Overwatch 2 was the addition of new cosmetics for your characters. The game has been updated with various new cosmetic goods, such as playing cards, weapon charms, souvenirs, and even a new Mythic-rarity skin that allows for customization of its appearance.

Controversy Surrounding Overwatch 2 Banners

Banners, a particular type of cosmetic item demonstrated in launch-day trailers, were unavailable in Overwatch 2 when it originally went on sale to the general public. The banners your character will keep as a keepsake are precisely what you would expect them to be in design and content. They still need to be implemented into the gameplay of Overwatch 2.

Several players of Overwatch 2 are dissatisfied with the current design of the banners, mainly because they resemble souvenirs, which a significant number of people have already determined to be of little use.

“Why they didn’t make weapon charms for all of them, I have no idea; I find it odd that they went with souvenirs instead. One reviewer remarked, “In 125 hours, I don’t think I’ve seen anyone other than one person use a souvenir.

Players have also brought up the likelihood that the banners for Activision Blizzard’s hero shooter may only act as “banal filler” content to “stretch out underwhelming Battle Passes.” Given that players are required to purchase the Battle Pass at the beginning of each new season to obtain rewards from the premium track, it would appear that a sizeable segment of the community is simply hoping that Blizzard will never introduce banners to the game in the first place.

The following is a comment made by Old Rosie in response to the conversation “Do you believe we will get banners in Season 3?”

The player base for Overwatch 2 is hoping Blizzard will not take advantage of this chance, although it is currently unknown whether or not banners will be included in the game during Season 3.

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