Disguised Toast Teases Formation of League of Legends Esports Team, Expanding Beyond Valorant

Jeremy “Disguised Toast” Wang, a content developer, has hinted that he may be forming another esports team that competes in League of Legends. Since the beginning of the year, Toast has actively involved itself in the esports community by sponsoring two different Valorant teams. However, he may have more in store for us.

His Game Changers team was disbanded because it was unable to qualify for the first event of the season, and the men’s team will have to compete in the Challengers League relegation because it finished the season in tenth place after going 0-5 in the second split of the season. Toast had previously given the impression that he was considering branching out into other games; now, he has granted the belief that League of Legends is the next game he is thinking of.

Disguised Toast is looking to put together a team for League of Legends

The content producer tweeted that he is “thinking of starting a team” with the top League of Legends players currently accessible in North America. The esports competition for League of Legends is run differently than Valorant’s, a semi-open circuit. Through participation in the Challengers league and a promotion event, the Valorant team representing Disguised Toast had the opportunity to earn a spot in the VCT Americas, a company associated with Riot Games.

Toast will have plenty of room to participate in the second tier of the North American League of Legends if he successfully finds five players to build together a League of Legends squad. Most teams competing in the League Championship Series have dropped their Challengers squads. However, that is as far as the team can go because they need help to advance to the LCS.

Most of the ten LCS teams left when Riot Games agreed to eliminate the mandate that required them to field a team in the Challengers League. The LCS teams elected to do away with the obligation to field a squad in the Challengers League. As a result, many second-tier coaches, managers, and players are looking for new teams, and Disguised Toast may have a spot for them to land. The North American Championship League (NACL) Summer Split is about to begin, and the league has to find seven new teams to cover the spots that LCS clubs vacated.

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