Fluid Movement Mechanics of Apex Legends Praised by Players, Sets it Apart from Other Shooters

Players of Apex Legends have commended the fluidity of the game’s movement, saying it prevents them from switching to other titles. With a projected 130 million players as of 2022, Apex Legends is expected to rank among the top battle royale games worldwide since its introduction in 2019.

Like many other games, Apex undoubtedly has its share of problems; certain players frequently experience game-breaking bugs and glitches. However, it’s good to know that the Respawn developers have done their part by promptly correcting any issues. While the game isn’t flawless, it does have several peculiarities that gamers adore, one of which is its movement mechanics.

Players of Apex Legends applaud the game’s movement

The movement of Apex Legends was cited by Apex player “floydkids” in a May 22 Reddit thread as the reason why all other first-person shooters now feel monotonous. They stated, “I’ve only played Apex for maybe 100 to 150 hours, but I’ve been enjoying it after work for the past few months. I’ve played various first-person shooter games, such as Valorant and Paladins. Still, after playing Apex for a bit, I’ve discovered it’s easier to play the others if I feel energized, lethargic, and bored. 

It was further stated, “I know this game has its flaws, but I have to take a moment to appreciate the movement mechanics and gunplay in this game; it’s unlike anything else out right now.”

Others in the forum concurred, and one added that they now find it difficult to play other shooters where you have to move around continuously. They stated, “I find it difficult to play other shooters where you have to move around a lot.” “Apex is just so smooth to play, and strafing-while-shooting is perfectly balanced where it adds to the skill ceiling but isn’t so fast that tracking enemies would feel impossible.”

Another said, “I agree that Apex was the only thing that got me to quit cod legally because of the movement system. Although many players have grown to adore Apex’s gameplay, a sizeable portion of the community is urging the developers to make modifications as long as players continue to use tap strafe macros.

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