League of Legends Community Applauds Riot as Yuumi’s Absence at MSI 2023 Enhances Viewer Experience

League of Legends players have expressed gratitude to Riot after learning that Yuumi, the support champion, could not attend MSI 2023. The video game League of Legends is quite popular. The well-known MOBA features over 160 champions in addition to gear, cosmetics, and runes. With the champions’ wide range of gameplay options, there is probably a character for everyone to play and like.

This is a drawback of the available variety, though. Playing against some champions in the game can be exceedingly difficult or even downright broken. Yuumi, a complex support, is one such champion. Riot has made an effort to rework Yuumi due to the player base’s intense unhappiness with her ability to become untargetable.

Her most recent mid-scope update saw a modest shift in her abilities, placing more of an emphasis on her mechanic best buddy of hers as the source of her power. Due to her rework release and MSI 2023 proximity, Riot determined that she would be ineligible to participate in any matches during the competition. This seemed to have been warmly received by many players, who praised Riot.

Fans of LoL appreciate Yuumi’s absence from MSI 2023

Since she first appeared, Yuumi has been a terror in professional League of Legends matches, frequently giving viewers an awful viewing experience. “I genuinely felt like league esports returned to a better position when Yuumi left MSI. Without wanting to circlejerk too much, I found that MSI was much better without her. 

According to the Reddit user, the improved viewing experience resulted from Yuumi’s inability to dominate other ADCs and support heroes, allowing them to shine. The viewer’s experience wasn’t only “watch Yuumi stick to Zeri and then eventually win,” but “support players could show off and shine.” Although Yuumi was contained by MSI 2023, she will be available for worlds along with the new support Milio so that she might reappear in complete form by October of this year.

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