COO of Esports and Gaming Company TSM, Walter Wang, Announces Departure

After working for the business for the past six years, Walter Wang has announced on Twitter that he will be leaving TSM as COO of the esports and gaming company. Wang revealed through Twitter that he took the choice to leave TSM “a couple of weeks ago,” and on March 17, he stated that he would be stepping down from his role as COO.

According to Wang’s LinkedIn profile, he started at TSM in 2017 as an advisor and, by 2021, had worked up to the position of Chief Operating Officer. Throughout his announcement, Wang thanked his coworkers and the supporters of the organization and provided some reflections on his time spent with TSM.

I have experienced a rollercoaster ride filled with ups and downs during my time at TSM, but it has taught me essential lessons about resiliency, tenacity, and collaboration. He stated, “I am appreciative of the unwavering devotion of our team in rising to the occasion of every challenge presented to us.” This month, TSM is also mourning the loss of Dominic Kallas, who served as Vice President of Esports Operations. After working for the company for roughly a year, Kallas provided notice of his leaving on March 1.

TSM losses As the esports offseason drags on, COO

During Wang’s tenure at TSM, the esports organization gained popularity in the games Apex Legends, DOTA 2, and Rainbow Six, and it also transitioned into the Valorant esports scene. During his time with the company, Wang was also responsible for overseeing TSM’s foray into countries outside the United States, including Japan and India.

Wang was also working for TSM during the time that the company’s CEO, Andy “Reginald” Dinh, was the subject of an investigation for bullying his employees by Riot Games and The Washington Post. The developer of Valorant and League of Legends finally placed Dinh on probation, while TSM was fined $75,000 for their role in the incident.

During his employment at TSM, the company chose to sell its naming rights to the cryptocurrency exchange FTX, which has since gone out of business. After the collapse of the corporation, TSM has been making efforts to put more distance between itself and the company.

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