Cheating Scandal Rocks Call of Duty Esports: Pro Player Cr9fty Banned for Cheating

A few days after receiving plaudits from pro player Shotzzy for shredding on life, a Call of Duty SnD player was banned for cheating and given the boot from the game. Of course, this problem is not exclusive to Call of Duty; it occurs in various video games. Those merely trying to play by the rules are severely harmed. Before the issue regardless of whether they participate in speed runs, competitions, or casual play.

Some gamers have been found cheating after downloading a couple of tiny things in the hope that they can pass it off as a skill. The availability of cheats is growing, and this has led to more players being detected. A player seen playing this dangerous game runs the risk of having their account terminated.

Another emerging celebrity, Cr9fty, has also been discovered breaking the rules. When their computer was examined, it was found that various cheats had been installed.

Cr9fty, a player with CoD’s SnD team was banned

A video of the player Cr9fty making a 1v4 comeback in SnD began circulating on Twitter. Cr9fty played the round so effectively that Shotzzy donated 100 subs to Cr9fty after he won the competition. On February 11, Cr9fty not only participated in but also won a $10,000 competition. After only a few days, it became clear that Cr9fty had been dishonest for an extended period.

CMGBrett moved to Twitter to provide additional information and clarify what had occurred in several chats. After checking Cr9fty’s computer, Brett came across several orders for cheats that dated back to October 2022. Checkmate Gaming (CMG) is a web-based esports platform that enables players to compete against one another in online gaming tournaments.

While some players have accused those at CMG of knowing about this for a significantly more extended period, CMGBrett has explained their method of detection and stated the following: “Anyone we (CMG) have reasonable suspicions off but cannot 100% confirm hacking, those players will be made Console only so they CANNOT even play on PC. Players who are discovered to be cheating in any way, including but not limited to using boxes, aimbots, subscriptions, etc., will be permanently banned.

Cr9fty must have previously been on their radar because his computer was searched shortly after the tournament, which led to the permanent ban from participating in future competitions.

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