Upcoming DMZ Mode Additions in Warzone 2: New Reputation System, Contracts, and AI Faction Sites

The Season 2 Reloaded update expanded upon the DMZ mode, but leakers suggest that there are still significant additions on the way for players who enjoy this mode. The DMZ mode of Warzone 2 had significant revisions with the introduction of Season 2 reloaded, which became available on March 15th. The AI can now drive a range of vehicles, and those vehicles now have the possibility of dropping enhanced versions of their weapons. This is just one of the new capabilities of AI.

Since the beginning of Warzone, DMZ has seen significant development, as evidenced by the addition of new features and the Ashika Map as a mode component.

Several fans of DMZ argue that the developers are taking it the wrong way. On the other hand, there is a glimmer of hope on the horizon since there are now rumors circulating that significant changes are on the way. According to information provided by ‘Task Force Leakers 141,’ the DMZ in Warzone 2 will be getting a fresh new reputation system and new contracts and prizes.

According to information from the DMZ, an AI faction system is on the way.

In the DMZ mode, the primary foe you face is the game’s artificial intelligence (AI). In this mode, it is possible to play a whole match without ever coming into contact with an opposing player, although the bots are always a risk. According to the sources, this might be subject to change in an upcoming update.

As per the tweet thread, the game developers will spread new “faction sites” throughout the landscape, each with its own AI representing that group. “Barter contracts” purportedly provide the players an option to create a reputation with a single faction, turning that side’s AI friendly. In addition, information obtained from Task Force Leaks implies that unique buy stations located within these locations will provide players with equipment and awards proportional to their existing reputation with the respective group.

It is impossible to know whether this will make it into the game because these leaks have yet to be validated, but the concept in and of itself is sound. Having a haven to visit and refill would make the experience better for PvE-oriented players. In a similar vein, anyone looking to pursue PvP tags would be given yet another potential obstacle to overcome.

This also opens the door to the idea of some recruitable bots hanging out with the players. But, taking it a step further may not be appropriate, given the reputation the bot has among DMZ players.

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