Kick is investing money to join Twitch’s streaming service through Amazon

Esports organization Kick is criticized for paying to stream services via Amazon even though this is an expense.

Kick The Game, an esteemed esports organization, recently made headlines for their decision to purchase Twitch’s streaming service from Amazon instead of providing free alternatives. This has caused much discord among players and industry professionals over Kick’s decision.

Kick’s decision to purchase Twitch’s streaming service

Kick’s decision to purchase Twitch has caused controversy due to the abundance of free streaming options like YouTube and Facebook. Furthermore, many esports organizations have begun streaming directly on their websites instead of using third-party platforms like Twitch.

Critics contend that Kick needs to use their money more by investing in Twitch’s services instead of investing in other areas such as player salaries or marketing initiatives. As a result, some have called for the cancellation of Kick’s streaming services in protest against their decision to purchase Twitch’s services.

Defending the decision to maintain Twitch’s services subscription

Kick has decided to maintain their Twitch services subscription due to their growing popularity and dependability. A representative said, “Twitch has been an invaluable partner for Kick, providing our fans with the highest streaming experience. We look forward to continuing our collaboration with Twitch so these streams remain of the highest quality for viewers.”

Twitch’s position as the premier streaming platform in esports

Twitch remains the premier streaming platform for teams in esports. While other platforms provide complimentary services, they provide a different coverage level than Twitch. As such, many esports organizations will continue paying Twitch even if it means being criticized by fans and industry insiders.

We’ve talked about this on stream for a while. As Kick gets more streamers/viewers, more money goes into Twitch’s pockets. It’s an illusion of competition. Twitch is likely thrilled with Kick’s growing success.

Ultimately, Kick’s acquisition of Twitch’s streaming services may cause controversy, but it is an economically sound decision for the company. As long as Twitch remains a dominant streamer platform for Esports and Esports, many organizations will continue paying regardless of cost. Thus, teams competing in esports must carefully weigh all alternatives to streaming options and use their resources wisely to be successful over the long haul.

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