TikToker Fired for Prank with Grandma Stealing from Walmart

TikToker’s grandmother’s deception at the Walmart store has caused an uproar, prompting many to demand that those responsible apologize. Discover what caused the backlash and why so many call on those responsible to apologize.

A TikTok joke has caused outrage on social networks after @catherinepaiz, on the platform, led her grandmother to believe she had stolen items from a Walmart store. In a video that has since been removed, the user instructs her grandmother to place some things in her bag without paying for them. Confused, the grandmother accepts her daughter’s request and leaves without paying for anything – leaving the shop with an unpaid bag of goods.


What Happened During the TikTok Joke?

The TikTok video below depicts @catherinepaiz walking through Walmart with her mother. As they shop, Catherine points out an assortment of batteries and asks her grandmother to put them in her backpack. The grandmother appears confused but reluctantly follows along, agreeing to do what her daughter requests. Eventually, Catherine asks the grandmother to add items such as clothing and makeup into the backpack; eventually, the grandmother nods and accepts responsibility.

When the two women leave the shop and apologize to one another, TikToker quickly reveals that this entire episode was an elaborate prank and that her grandmother had taken her money from Walmart. As the grandmother stands distraught and confused in the video, TikToker apologizes to both of them and promises to do the same to her mother.

TikToker Faces Backlash for Cruel Prank

The TikTok incident has ignited outrage across social media platforms, with many asking @catherinepaiz to apologize to her grandmother and Walmart. Many also condemned TikToker for exploiting her grandmother’s lack of understanding and vulnerability to create an entertaining video.

Some have expressed anger and criticism over the joke, suggesting it was insensitive and cruel, potentially putting the grandmother in grave danger had she been taken into custody by security at the store. Critics also contend that this video encourages theft and lying, sending an unhealthy message to kids watching it.

Why TikToker Should Apologize

Though TikToker has since removed the video, many are calling on her to issue a public apology and extend an apology both to her mother and Walmart. They contend this prank was insensitive and exploited an older woman’s confusion to further their entertainment goal.

Some have suggested that TikToker should utilize her platform to educate people about the dangers of shoplifting and inspire those who follow her to live ethically and honestly in everyday life. By doing this, she could repair some of the harm caused by her prank and spread an upbeat message through social media channels.

Ultimately, the TikTok incident involving the theft of a grandmother from Walmart has caused outrage across social networks. Many call on the platform to apologize for their irresponsible and dangerous actions. With social media continuing to influence children profoundly, content creators must consider both their consequences and encourage positive messages and values.

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