Warzone 2 Players Frustrated by Broken ‘Recent Players’ Menu

It seems that players of Warzone 2 have been experiencing issues with the game’s Social Menu. Specifically, the “Recent Players” list has not been updating as it should, making it difficult for players to connect with one another and team up.

The Social Menu in Warzone 2 is intended to be a straightforward feature that allows users to view and interact with other players they have recently played with. When players open the “Recent” tab at the top of their screen, they are typically able to scroll through a list of their recent opponents and add them as friends or invite them to a new match. However, some players have reported that this feature is not functioning as it should.

Fans of Warzone 2 Frustrated About Broken Recent Players Menu

One Reddit user, FPS_Shooter, brought attention to the problem just before Christmas, noting that their “recent lobbies, parties, squads, players” were all showing as “last met 3 days ago,” despite having played with these individuals more recently. 

Other users replied to the thread, saying that they had also encountered the same bug. In one case, the “Recent” tab had not received an update in six days. It seems that the problem has persisted for at least two weeks, with more Warzone 2 players reporting similar issues. Euphoric-Blue-59 started a Reddit thread on January 2, 2023, with the title “My ‘recents’ are two weeks old,” and FPS_Shooter commented in the thread to say that their tab had not been updated for 18 days.

 Some players have suggested that the issue may have started when the Reloaded update was released, although there is no official word on when a fix might be implemented.

This is not the first time that the Social Menu in Warzone 2 has caused problems for players. At the game’s launch, there was a bug that prevented players from inviting friends, which was eventually resolved. However, it is unclear when the issue with the “Recent Players” list will be fixed. In the meantime, players are understandably frustrated by the lack of updates and the inability to easily connect with one another.

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