Resolving the Modern Warfare 2 “Failed to Update Playlist” Issue

Since the game’s official release, Modern Warfare 2’s developers have addressed a number of performance concerns. However, there are still quite a few flaws and issues that a lot of gamers in the community run into occasionally.

While many of them are rather simple to resolve, there are a couple that can be a little frustrating to resolve in the shooter.

The “Failed to update Playlist” issue is one such bug that prevents users from viewing all of the game types that are offered by the title. It forces the game to end when it happens. Some community members claim that this error typically happens when the game files in the installation location have a few issues.

Currently, there is no long-term solution to the issue; only a few short-term workarounds exist. The solutions discussed in today’s post will help you resolve the Modern Warfare 2 “Failed to update Playlist” bug.

You can attempt deleting files from the Main folder and two more methods to resolve the Modern Warfare 2 “Failed to update Playlist” problem.

Fix the Game Files

You must go to the Steam or launcher and choose the game in the appropriate programs in order to restore the Modern Warfare 2 game files.

The other game options can then be accessed by choosing Properties in Steam or the Cog icon in You can choose to “Scan and Fix” files.

When you click on it, a process that goes through all the files now present in the installation directory will be launched by the application. The procedure will instantly download new files if it discovers any corrupted or missing ones.

This approach has a significantly higher chance of resolving Modern Warfare 2’s “Failed to update Playlist” issue.

Delete the Main Folder’s Files

You might need to remove some of the items from the “Main” folder of the Modern Warfare 2 installation directory if restoring the game files does not succeed. To accomplish this, navigate to the game’s Local Files area and look for the “Main” folder there.

Find and remove the following files from here:

  • Data0.dcache
  • Data1.dcache
  • Toc0.dcache
  • Toc1.dcache

You can restart the shooter and see if the “Failed to update Playlist” error has been fixed after removing them.

Installing the Game Again

You might think about reinstalling the game if the techniques mentioned above do not work. Although this might seem like one of the more extreme solutions to the problem, many people in the neighborhood have found it to be one of the more effective cures.

Consequently, you might try to remove the game from the appropriate launchers before reinstalling it. The majority of the problems the shooter is currently having will most likely be resolved by this.

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