Exploiting NPC’s in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet’s Tera Raids for Free Healing: A Game-Changing Tactic

Even though the NPCs in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet’s Tera Raids don’t provide much assistance, one trainer has discovered a way to use them to their advantage by taking advantage of the AI Pokemon to receive free healing.

Tera Raiding is the Pokemon Scarlet & Violet version of Max Raid Dens. It allows players to engage in difficult boss encounters in exchange for various rewards. One thing remained relatively the same from Generation 8 to Generation 9, even though these are new and enhanced Dens.

The non-playable characters who appear during Tera Raid battles are nearly as pointless as those that appear in Pokemon Sword & Shield Raids. Their moves that lower stats remain in effect, and they can inflict a respectable amount of damage against lower-level raids, but their deaths do not affect the counter.

One player, however, has developed a tactic that takes advantage of the game’s dynamics and enables them to heal their Pokemon without cheering or assaulting the boss.

Obtaining health from random players in Pokemon Tera Raids

A person by the name of alekismad presented this tactic on the Reddit website. In a post, someone included a screenshot of their Kelfki utilizing Draining Kiss on one of their Umbreon teammates and captioned it “Don’t forget you can utilize the NPCs for healing up!”

This resulted in the death of the Umbreon, but it brought Kelfki back to total health. Because the Greninja was protected, it would not have been able to deal a sufficient amount of damage to heal the Kelfki effectively. Because the Umbreon is a non-player character, its demise has no impact on the countdown meter for the Raid.

In addition, players can use this to charge up their Tera Orb, which frees them from the need to use valuable cheers on healing.

The comments expressed surprise and wonderment at this tactic, saying things like, “My mind has been opened to a whole new world simply by one post alone.” Another comment stated, “In all of my raids, I never once thought even to consider doing this.” I am being completely serious about this call for a galaxy brain shift. Going to put this thing through its paces in future assaults.”

Therefore, trainers should keep in mind that they can kill an NPC next time they find themselves in a difficult situation for the benefit of the Tera Raid.

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