Warzone 2 Players Demand Reconnect Feature to Address Disconnection Issues

Fans of Warzone are baffled by the absence of an essential feature that, if implemented, would enable players to reconnect to games if disconnected. Nothing is more aggravating than getting disconnected when in the middle of a game. Yet when it talks about Warzone 2. Even bugs can lead players to be disconnected from the competition.

In addition, players have been forced to go through highly aggravating lag and server troubles, both of which have continued throughout the game. Yet, the community needs clarification as to why the developers have not included a remedy to the problems with disconnection.

Warzone 2 players are perplexed by the lack of essential feature

ThatHartleyKid, a fan of the video game Warzone, pointed out on March 25 that the game lacks an essential feature in a discussion on Reddit. The participant highlighted how most games offer the option that permits users to reconnect in case they’re removed from the servers.

“A match can take anywhere from 25 to 40 minutes, and if you get disconnected once within that period. It doesn’t matter if the problem is on the server or your end; you will lose the match. They wrote, “Everything you’ve played until this point will be in vain, especially DMZ mode.” “This is how I lost my 17 exfil streak along with my bonuses. Every other game that goes on for that long has an option that lets players reconnect with the server at any time. Why doesn’t Warzone / DMZ have it?”

Others agreed that a reconnect function would come in handy. But many aren’t hopeful that the devs will get around to incorporating it. “I’m perplexed as to why people still have such unanswered questions. This is Warzone, people. If you think something should be working or something should be done, remember the game you’re playing,” one wrote.

“It’s coming in the ‘reconnect’ bundle. $20 for five reconnects,” a gamer joked. “Remember the old Activision adage; if it doesn’t monetize, don’t change it,” remarked another. Having the option to rejoin would be beneficial. But, as many commented, it could generate more troubles than its value. It is up to the developers to decide whether or not they will implement the recommendation, so all we can do is wait and see.

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