Niantic Suggests Removing Facebook App to Fix Pokemon Go Login Issues

Niantic suggested that players of Pokemon Go remove the mobile application for Facebook to remedy the persistent log-in issue they have been experiencing.

Users are able to link their log-in information from Pokemon Go to other websites such as Facebook, Google, and Apple after first making an account with Pokemon Go. Others were having problems logging in to the video game through Facebook, which looked to be the umpteenth time this had happened.

Niantic appears to have fixed the most recent general login technical fault, but the upgrade does not function correctly for Facebook users.

Niantic recommends that Pokemon Go trainers delete Facebook from their devices

NianticHelp tweeted on March 23 that the company had fixed an issue preventing users from logging into Pokemon Go and getting access to the game itself. Despite the apparent resolution, stayce t disclosed that she was still unable to log in using the credentials she had created for Facebook.

In response to the player’s issues, NianticHelp recommended that she delete the Facebook app from her phone and manually attempt to log into Pokemon Go on her own. NianticHelp website states, “Send the details we’ve requested via DM if you continue to suffer troubles.” “From there on out, we’ll handle it!”

It has yet to be determined whether stayce t was ever able to log back into Pokemon Go despite the fact that Niantic provided him with instructions. Also, significant number of people responded to Niantic’s instructions on how to correct the issue with Facebook. Reddit user milotic03 uploaded a screenshot of Niantic’s description of the problem in its most basic form on The Silph Road subreddit. After receiving the message from the corporation, _Half Empty was taken aback and wrote, “Uninstall other apps, and maybe our app will work. That makes me laugh out loud.

The next step, according to Loseless, will be for them to demand that you swap smartphones. “Or even better, create their smartphone brand, with PoGO-specific features built in and ready to go, such as additional Nanab Berries and a 0.01 percent increased chance of finding Galarian chicks with the daily asinine incense,”

Finally, the confusion surrounding Facebook sign-ins began at Pokemon Go Fest Seattle 2022. The complicated sign-in process made it impossible for players to take full part in the event, and it still needs to be clarified for gamers to this day.

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