Warzone 2 Players Declare Footstep Audio the “Worst in Gaming History”

Players of Call of Duty: Warzone 2 have complained that the footstep audio in the game is the “worst in gaming history.” Audio is one of the most critical elements of the experience while participating in online games like Warzone 2 with a competitive mindset.

Finding enemy locations, tracking their movements, and even getting the upper hand on careless players all depend heavily on audio. Because of this, it might irritate fans when the audio balance is off. Fans of Warzone 2 are currently complaining about the game’s audio balancing, particularly the footstep sounds, and have dubbed it the “worst in gaming history.”

Fans of Warzone 2 are unhappy with the footstep soundtrack

Following the posting of a brief video clip demonstrating the game’s poor footstep audio, a post on the CODWarzone subreddit garnered popularity. A player was seen in the video scanning for adversaries from a window before being unexpectedly ambushed and killed by another player from behind. “Anyone who doesn’t think this is the worst footstep audio in gaming history is delusional,” the OP wrote in the video’s caption. That a video game of this quality even considered having a ranked mode is embarrassing.

In the comments, several fans agreed, stating that “Wz1 audio was A+ compared to what we have now.” One person laughed and said that the sound of the footfalls was just caused by the structure they were in. “The flooring system in the building is state-of-the-art and soundproof. Never, ever try to enter the building housing the wealthy.

Some people commented that the audio balance overall appeared off; one fan pointed out that the announcer’s voice was audible and clear. Foot audio occasionally completely vanishes, but you’ve had to hear about that DATA HEIST. Man, some of the gameplay in this game is a ridiculous farce. It is, without a doubt, a monumental task for a developer to perfect audio balancing in a game, given that many users almost certainly use quite varied audio configurations when playing. It is evident that Warzone 2 players want some improvements done, particularly with regard to the background footfall.

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