Valorant Streamer JimmyJam Accidentally Banned During Swiftplay at Riot HQ

JimmyJam, a Valorant streamer, was kicked off the team after being accused of “cheating” during a game of Swiftplay played at a Riot headquarters. Vanguard, the anti-cheat technology that Valorant uses, was met with acclaim and criticism shortly after the game’s release. To begin, it is pretty successful at preventing anyone from hacking the game using software or hardware, a common tactic cheaters use.

However, for it to be effective, it required an unusual degree of access to your computer. As a result, many people in Valorant’s early days were put off by this requirement. However, as time passed, most gamers accepted it as a necessary evil to protect their lobbies from hackers. However, it has its challenges. JimmyJam, a streamer for Valorant, caught a humorous example of this phenomenon when he and a group of other broadcasters attended a Riot HQ, only to depart with their accounts banned.

JummyJam made a seemingly benign tweet in which he mentioned that he and some other broadcasters were currently at the Riot HQ, playing a game of Swift Play. However, he was kicked off Twitter less than ten minutes after publishing the tweet. A streamer named Ahad uploaded a video to his Twitter account showing JimmyJam’s screen displaying the notice that cheats get when they are discovered. The message said something to the effect of “You have been banned from playing Valorant.”

Riot has dismissed Jimmy Jams off their roster after allegations of cheating at Valorant

An ominous screen appeared on everyone else competing in the game. Stating that a cheater had been found and that the match had been stopped. Ahad had mentioned in his video that Jimmy Jams had just been banned. As he displays their other monitors, everyone in the background can be heard laughing at the current predicament.

JimmyJam retweeted the video with the caption, “Bro, I just got banned on Valorant at Riot HQ. Lmao how?” indicating that he also found the scenario somewhat comical. He would then provide an update stating that he would be unbanned within the next hour. It has not been determined what led to the erroneous suspension. The streamers were allowed to test something new, but the Vanguard client did not like it. Alternatively, it is possible that this is a highly unusual instance of false detection.

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