Debating the Worst Shiny Form in Pokemon Go: Is Blissey at the Bottom of the List?

Pokemon Go players argue whether the Blissey Shiny form is the worst of the franchise’s Shiny conditions. Shiny Pokemon are a new type of Pokemon that have been introduced in the games of Generation 2. These Pokemon have a distinctive coloring from their usual appearance. The chances of seeing a Shiny Pokemon in Scarlet & Violet are one in every 4096 times you come across one. After acquiring the Shiny charm, the frequency of occurrence of this statistic rises to 1 in every 2048 encounters.

Trainers have the opportunity to obtain Shinies in Pokemon Go, which is separate from the regular series of games. However, different players have different opinions regarding which Shiny Pokemon is the most attractive. On the other hand, these are the people who have fallen to the lowest rung on the fan hierarchy for many people.

Players of Pokemon Go are asked to choose their least favorite Shiny Pokémon

A person by the name of hiebertw07 on Reddit shared his catching accomplishment on the Pokemon Go subreddit. However, the OP has little interest in purchasing a Shiny Blissey. hiebertw07 can’t wrap his head around the fact that someone was “paid actual human money” to build a Shiny that is similar to the one initially created. In the comment section, several Pokemon fans shared which Shiny incarnations of the game’s characters were their least favorites. Additionally, some people have singled out Pokemon comparable to Blissey because it is difficult to differentiate between the Shiny variant and the original version of the Pokemon.

One player admitted, “I have never been able to tell a shiny Elekid from a regular one without them being labeled,” this was the case every time they faced the challenge. One of the trainers commented, “Y’all at least see the color difference. I nominate Burmy and Wormadam lines,”

“Along with Tyranitar and Zapdos and a few others, Blissey is undeniably one of the leading candidates for second place. Another player observed that Pikachu, for whatever reason, has the dullest shine of all the Pokémon in the video game. “Before it evolved, I didn’t know what sparkly Blissey looked like, so I was anticipating it to resemble Chansey. One of my fellow Pokemon fans remarked that they were “so incredibly disappointed.” Do you have a Shiny Pokemon you consider your least favorite? If so, you shouldn’t try to capture it in Pokemon Go.

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