Warzone 2 Developer’s Mistakes: IceManIsaac Claims They are Killing the Game

IceManIsaac, a Warzone 2 broadcaster, has exposed numerous issues with the game and claims that the developers are essentially “killing their game” as a result. The new elements of Call of Duty: Warzone 2—no load-outs, 1v1 Gulags, and the removal of slide canceling—have received a lot of criticism since the game’s release.

But over the past few months, the developers have gradually undone all the minor adjustments that made a new game so that the title resembles the original more than a full-fledged sequel. Despite this, well-known CoD streamer IceManIsaac believes that Warzone 2 has too many issues and that its gameplay design is slowly killing the game.

Developers of Warzone 2 are destroying their own battle royale game.

IceManIsaac has been openly critical of the Warzone 2 developers in a string of tweets and has given numerous instances of their mistakes. “More than three years later. Also, these simple errors give me the impression that they will never master the subject. This is not a basis. It only takes a few hours to create this. They never learn from their errors, according to one post.

The streamer also mentioned other fundamental problems with the game, such as unbalanced weaponry and mobility problems, that he believes ruining it.

In addition, IceManIsaac thinks that the developers have gradually made the game worse by reintroducing displeasing gameplay elements that were more prevalent in the original: “They literally brought back every bad thing we hated from Warzone 1,” he says. Also, the list is too lengthy for Twitter, including two-hit melees, 100 health, fire shotguns, LMG meta, akimbo pistols, and Helis in solos.

A user brought up Activision’s business strategy, and IceManIsaac responded, “They’re killing their game in every way imaginable. Await the publication of Q1 results. Brain-dead gameplay design has nothing to do with their “business model.”

The content producer claims to have “a direct line to Warzone 2 devs” in order to improve communication moving forward, as players have accused developers of breaking a pledge to pay attention to feedback.

“I’m creating a video listing everything wrong with Call of Duty in-game video examples,” the speaker added. If you let me know about any bugs, changes, etc., I’ll put it up. With Aydan completely abandoning Warzone 2 and other top streamers like HusKerrs and Syndicate playing the game, a major change may be required to reverse Warzone 2’s declining popularity.

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