Controversy erupts as Pokemon Go players boycott game over changes to Remote Raids

Pokemon Go players stopped playing the game after Niantic changed Remote Raids and substantially raised their costs. Ever since Pokemon Go announced significant changes, the game has received a barrage of complaints in the last 24 hours. The game’s developers, Niantic, stated they would be reducing Remote Raids and increasing the cost of the passes. 

News of the modifications had already leaked prior to this declaration in February 2023. But Niantic just formally announced the shift now. Players are unhappy as a result, with community members claiming that the changes are detrimental to players who live in rural regions and those with disabilities. 

Due to the changes to Remote Raid, Pokemon Go users want to stop playing

Players are currently boycotting the game due to the substantial price increase for Remote Raid Passes, and the nerfs to Remote Raids. According to a recent Reddit thread that has gathered much momentum, the Pokemon Go community is being urged to boycott the game for a week following the update. 

We’re all conscious of the predatory monetization programs in the game shop with overpriced boxes and items, the post said, adding that as a result, “the greediness of the corporation grows.” According to the article, taking part in the protest is comparatively easy. 

  • Do not use or buy Remote/Premium Raid Passes for a week following the change.
  • Execute as many in-person raids as usual, but make sure there is no rise.
  • Inform other players about the alterations and urge them to boycott. 

According to them, the boycott’s purpose is to demonstrate to Niantic that the community will suffer as a result of the shift. “The only language corporations comprehend money,” the author of the post wrote, “if there is a visible decrease for a week after the change, we have made our point. According to the ad, the boycott is only for people who don’t want to remove the game from their phones. And as many comments have pointed out, the best method to boycott is to take the game away entirely. Since Niantic currently has no intentions to change its decisions, the community is still incensed. 

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