Warzone 2 Armor Issue Exposed: Players Take More Damage

An armor issue was discovered in the Warzone 2 battle royale by the expert and YouTuber TrueGameData. The flaw causes players that have armor to actually receive more damage from their foes. In spite of the early excitement and anticipation that surrounded Warzone 2, a significant portion of it has died down in the months after the game’s release.

According to reports, the number of players has plummeted considerably more quickly than was anticipated. There have also been a large number of problems and glitches, which have made the experience less enjoyable for the typical player.

Some of these have been linked to harm, such as a large issue that was discovered by the YouTuber JackFrags, who had a number of deaths that could not be explained. Now, the statistician TrueGameData has identified even more peculiar damaging features, this time pertaining to armor in Warzone 2’s gameplay.

Warzone 2 Armor Glitch

Warzone 2 Armor Can Cause More Enemy Damage

TGD detailed the reasons behind his investigation of damage in Warzone 2 in a video posted to YouTube on January 19. He stated that he was motivated to do so by reports from players as well as his own experiences.

In the course of his research into the ways in which armor interacts with harm, he came to the realization that certain firearms, such as the assault rifle M4, inflict a greater amount of damage on foes who are armed with armor plates. According to his research, the M4 dealt 18 damage per shot to adversaries who did not have any armor equipped, whereas it dealt 20 damage per shot to adversaries who did have armor equipped.

This was not mirrored on any of the other weapons, which functioned the same regardless of whether they were hitting an enemy armed with armor or not. TGD stated that this is simply confirmation that some strange things are taking place, and that this is going to generate much more inconsistent TTK sensations than we now experience.

TGD has a theory that it pertains to particular firearms at some ranges rather than being a “widespread” issue in Warzone 2, despite the fact that it is unclear which weapons are affected by the bug.

Regardless, it raises additional questions about the way damage is handled in the battle royale. TTK has been a huge topic of discussion since WZ2 was released, with many players claiming that it is too fast and that it has an extremely random and inconsistent feel to it. The findings of TGD will only serve to strengthen those feelings.

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