Nadeshot Offers Suggestions for Revitalizing Warzone 2 Player Base

Nadeshot, a Call of Duty veteran, has offered a list of things that can entice the community to return to Warzone 2 in response to claims that the game’s player base has declined noticeably.

Matthew “Nadeshot” Haag has experienced the majority of the highest peaks that Call of Duty has to offer. It’s safe to argue that the 30-year-old 100 Thieves CEO has some amount of skill in both areas because he built his reputation in the game as both a professional player and content developer.

Haag thinks it’s not too late to get things in line and has lots of suggestions for where the developers should begin, despite the fact that the scenario regarding Warzone 2’s player counts portrays a bleak image for the new battle royale.

Nadeshot Gives Suggestions in Warzone 2 

An avid supporter by the name of Nadeshot has recommended a variety of changes in a tweet, all of which have the potential to improve the gameplay and overall amount of players in Warzone 2.

Since the launch of the game, numerous players have voiced their desire for more features, such as a comprehensive Ranked playlist and a revamped treasure distribution mechanism. 

The following is an exhaustive rundown of all of Nadeshot’s requests:

  • Add rated play and thorough metrics 
  • Add the capacity to the plate while sprinting
  • Decrease the headshot multiplier noticeably
  • Add canceling reloading
  • 10% faster mobility across the board
  • Overhaul the system for plundering

The developers anticipate a warm reception for the reintroduction of the reload cancel feature, which was removed prior to release due to controversy. They have added extra concepts to address various challenges that emerged during the early stages of Warzone 2’s development.

The game would be significantly sped up to address complaints that it is currently too slow and that mobility has a noticeably diminished impact in comparison to the original game. This would be accomplished by increasing the game’s universal speed and allowing players to plate while they are running.

There is no way to know for certain if these modifications would be adequate to regain all of the ostensibly lost ground, but if the devs were to pay attention to anyone, it would be Nadeshot because his experience lends his suggestions some weight.

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