Counter-Strike 2’s Dynamic Smoke Grenades: A Divisive Addition to the CS:GO Sequel

Counter-Strike 2’s vital smoke grenades are one of the very talked about changes in the CS:GO sequel. Yet not everyone is thrilled about this new function. The summer release of Counter-Strike 2, a new part in the venerable first-person shooter game, is being wary revealed by Valve. Including responsive smoke grenades is one of the new features the community has been fervently discussing since the first details came out.

Smoke grenades will naturally fill the area in Counter-Strike 2 and respond to lighting, creating more lifelike effects. They will also link with other gameplay elements like bullets and HE grenades. Which can be utilized to clear the horizon while the smoke is still active temporarily. But, this is more significant. As a result, smoke will be used in the game fundamentally differently, offering “much more tactical alternatives,” as stated by Valve.

m0NESY discusses the grenades in Counter-Strike 2

However, not everyone is on board with the adjustments. Ilya’m0NESY’ Osipov seemed to mock the smoke adjustments in a statement he sent to his Telegram channel following G2’s loss to ENCE in the ESL Pro League Season 17 playoffs. He wrote, “So I watched the new CS video. It’s Funny. You can see through it by blasting smoke and throwing HE. In actuality, why even smoke, then?

m0NESY continued by stating that many issues will be resolved prior to the release of Counter-Strike 2 and that the maps and textures “look pretty amazing.” In summary, he remarked, “we have new grenade mechanisms, possibly even firing, improved acoustics, and tick rate.” On paper, it sounds excellent, but you should play it first. In January 2022, m0NESY made his debut on the global stage when he joined G2 Esports after graduating from NAVI’s academy program. ranked him as the seventh-best player of 2022.

Mike “shroud” Grzesiek, a well-known content developer and former Counter-Strike: Global Offensive pro, has a different objection about Counter-Strike 2’s dynamic smokes. The volumetric smokes, in his opinion, “look f***ing fantastic,” but they might significantly affect the FPS of gamers. “Goodbye, FPS,” he said. “That will ache after that. Fortunately, Counter-Strike already functions well, so it’s not a big concern. That you will struggle even more if you are already working kind of hurts.

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