Valorant Yoru’s Fakeout Glitch Disrupts Online Matches and Causes Community Outrage

Yoru’s Fakeout ability is experiencing huge troubles as a result of a new bug that was introduced in episode six of Valorant. Members of the Valorant community have posted about how the new flaw is disrupting entire lobbies when playing matches online.

The sixth episode of Valorant is the one that is responsible for introducing a few new glitches and issues into the game, which players have already started noticing. A new issue involving Yoru’s Fakeout decoy is the one that appears to be receiving the most attention at the moment.

Reddit users have started posting about the latest Yoru flaw, and some of them have included video demonstrations of the bug in their posts. Other users have expressed their displeasure with the latest Yoru development in the comments section of the relevant posts. When activated, Yoru’s Fakeout decoy causes the ability to malfunction completely in practice.

Yoru’s Glitch Causes Game-Breaking Bugs and Community Outrage

Yoru totally glitches out, gradually disintegrating into a polygon that has the appearance of a rectangle and can push through walls and other solid in-game obstructions. In addition to this physical problem, the bug also emits a new high-pitched sound, one that is eerily similar to a scream or the sound a computer makes when something goes wrong.

The game continuously plays this piece of audio and it remains prominent for a prolonged duration. Players are posting videos of the glitch all over Reddit, and many of them are urging the developers to solve the issue as quickly as they can given the nature of the error and how it completely breaks the game.

One person on Reddit commented about how When this was happening, this glitch also caused everyone’s frames per second to dip to around 30. Another user of Reddit weighed in and vented their aggravation over how Valorant as a whole is purportedly riddled with bugs in their response.

The game is currently rife with bugs; my friends think I’m crazy, but I have witnessed everything from huge icons floating in the middle of the map to barriers (the ones before the round starts) not going off and holding people in mid-air if they cross them. I don’t know what they did, but the game can be absolutely insane at times.

Because of the significant impact that the problem is having on the gameplay, it is highly probable that the developers will try to find a solution to the malfunction involving the Valorant Yoru as quickly as they can.

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