Pokemon Go Player Strikes Gold: Rare Shiny Shadow Beldum Discovered in Recent Shadow Raid Event

Following the most recent release of Pokemon Go, a user has reported their extremely lucky find in the Shadow Raid. When it was first released in 2016, the mobile game Pokemon Go caused a sensation all across the globe. The augmented reality mobile game required players to move through uncharted terrain using their phones to increase their chances of capturing the rare Pokemon in that region. Because of how popular the game was, it started a whole movement of people going outside to play more Pokemon Go. This movement continues to this day.

Since then, Pokemon Go’s popularity has declined, but the game has managed to sustain a relatively consistent player population by providing periodic updates to keep players interested. The game’s developer, Niantic, has added new content in the form of events. The most recent of these events was the debut of the Shadow Raids within the game. During Shadow Raids, Team Rocket sends out their Shadow Pokemon to take control of different gyms worldwide. Players can work together to defeat these gyms, and if they succeed, they will have an opportunity to capture the elusive Shadow Pokemon. It would appear that one player, in particular, got quite lucky, as they displayed a rare catch following a Shadow Raid on their character.

A player of Pokemon Go discovered a shiny shadow Beldum not long after the launch of the shadow raid

The post that the user DarthWidi made on Reddit highlighted their fortunate find. Widi had the good fortune to stumble upon a shimmering shadow Beldum not far from when the Shadow Raids were made available. For those who are unaware, Beldum is the evolution that came before Metagross, which is a Pokemon that is reasonably powerful and is a fan favorite among a lot of people.

According to Widi, raids on Beldum are widespread, which means that individuals trying to acquire sweets for their Metagross shouldn’t have a challenging time doing it. Finding a Shiny Beldum, especially a shadow one so soon after the launch of the new Shadow Raids, can be difficult. Are you interested in purchasing that Shiny Beldum for yourself? As of the 28th of May, 2023, the shadow raid event will no longer be taking place; therefore, make it a priority to head out into the world and join some gyms.

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