Valorant Patch 6.0: Split Returns, Omen Nerfed, and the Debut of Lotus Map

The game will undergo some significant changes thanks to the brave patch 6.0. Omen will receive a nerf, Split will return with minor map layout modifications, Lotus will be released, and much more.

The largest changes are with where you’ll be playing rather than how, with two maps rotating out and Split being reintroduced alongside the new map, Lotus. However, a significant Omen nerf is about to scuttle several of his smoke setups.

After the extensive set of Agent adjustments on patch 5.12, Valorant patch 6.0 aims to change Valorant as a whole rather than focusing on any specific Agents or weapons for the sake of balance. This is in addition to some quality-of-life changes to how rank is computed.

Valorant Map Changes Patch 6.0

Removing Bind and Breeze From The Map Rotation

There are two maps entering the room and two departing. Although they will no longer be in the competitive and unranked rotation. Bind and Breeze will still be available in other game modes. This indicates that for the duration of Episode 6, there will be 7 maps in the normal map rotation.

Split Returns with Major Upgrades and the Introduction of the Lotus Map

The newest map from Valorant, Lotus, will be included in patch 6.0. It won’t be available for play via the Swiftplay queue until patch 6.1, when it will then be in the unrated and competitive rotation. You may read our article about the updated map here for more details.

The other new map in this patch is called Split, however it has a few minor alterations to its general design.

These changes are described in a thread from the Valorant official twitter account. There are a total of seven changes, all of which are intended to make the map easier to navigate and make it more difficult to camp in corners.

For example, because of the shift to A rafters, players who wish to attempt to catch assaults by surprise around the corner must commit to playing on the ground rather than having a height advantage.

Valorant Patch 6.0 Agent Nerf

The only Agent changing with this patch is Omen, however his update will significantly alter his smoke lineups.


  • Dark Cover positioned inside walls will now descend to the level of the surrounding ground.

Although it appears to be a little alteration, it has a significant impact on high-level play. Omen had an advantage over other smoke Agents like Brimstone in that he could deploy one-way smokes, but at more advanced play levels, this ability could result in Omen having significantly less power.

Valorant Patch 6.0 Competitive Recent Updates

The assumption provided by Riot is that after your placements, your rank will be lower than it was at the conclusion of Episode 5. Ranks will be reset. However, there have been a few changes made to how RR is determined.

Changes To The Ranked Rating Formula

  • Gains and losses in ranked ratings will be influenced more by match results than by the precise round differential.
  • Gains in ranked ratings will be more influenced by individual performance than by round differential. Your rank and MMR ought to converge more quickly as well.

In essence, these modifications were meant to make one-sided stomps less significant than they previously were. Players should be penalized considerably less for their RR than if they consistently finish towards the bottom of the leaderboard even when their team loses.

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