Warzone 2 Community Demands Change to Randomized Buy Station Locations

Community members are calling for a change back after the Warzone 2 developers covertly switched buy stations from fixed locations to randomly generated ones.

Since the release of the game, Warzone 2 buy stations have received a significant redesign. Activision increased the number of buy stations in Al Mazrah by double in December. A few days later, a patch lowered the cost of primary weapons, and loadout drops were once again available when purchasing stations.

Activision originally intended for loadout drops to be used at public events, strongholds, and primary weapons to fulfill the community’s appetite for using loadout weapons, but they finally opted to revert to the game’s original course.

Community members were divided about “steep” loadout drop prices, but overall, players supported the game’s return to its roots. Players of Warzone 2 have encouraged Activision to make yet another significant buy station update, despite this.

Players of Warzone 2 Desires A Significant Buy Station Change

On Reddit, a Warzone 2 gamer complained that the buy stations shouldn’t be so close to one another. One buy station is present on less than half of the map, although there are two or three locations like this where there are many of them.

Warzone 2’s buy stations are generated at random, and a user-shared photograph reveals four buy stations directly close to one another. Making buy stations appear randomly improves gameplay by forcing players to explore less-traveled sections of the map, but it also causes unnecessary traffic jams in this case.

The issue is that they failed to create an algorithm that evenly distributed each city’s population, as one player put it. They are adjacent to one another around half the time.

It’s so f**king lazy, a second community member chimed in. There are several areas of the map where one can’t even spawn, literally.

When Warzone 2 first came out, the positions of the buy stations were predetermined. “I actually liked it better when all the buy stations were in the same position every game like it was at launch,” said a third gamer. Because there were more possibilities, buying station camping was kind of diminished.

Activision hasn’t shied away from changing buy stations, and if the programmers take a look at clustered spawns, we’ll post an update.

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