Tarik Praises Gekko Valorant’s Newest Agent: Too Powerful or Just Right?

Ahead of the VCT LOCK/IN Grand Final, Riot Games introduced its newest Agent, Gekko. After playing Gekko in a show match during the event, Valorant content developer Tarik ‘tarik’ Celik stated that the new Agent had too much power after playing Gekko.

Ahead of the VCT LOCK/IN Grand Final, Riot shared footage of Valorant’s newest Agent, along with some gameplay of tarik and Leonardo ‘frttt’ Braz playing a short show match vs Gekko. Also, after the game, tarik shared his thoughts on the new character that had been added to the cast of Valorant, along with the perspectives of other players, content creators, and fans of the game.

tarik and the rest of the Valorant community respond to the revelation about Gekko

In addition, tarik stated in an interview that took place after the battle, “I believe he’s overpowered; I think he’s pretty awesome.” It’s hard to say whether or not we did an excellent job of showing it. On the other hand, as time goes on, we will see his true potential. Additional responses included the majority of Valorant’s fan base as well as the professionals in the industry drooling over the creatures that Gekko has at his disposal.

A significant portion of the conversation about the new Agent centered on the Wingman creature because of its ability to both place and defuse the Spike as well as stun adversaries. Nathan “leaf” Orf, who plays for Cloud9, commented that Wingman’s ultimate ability appears strong and would be most effective if employed in two-on-two matchups during post-plant phases.

According to a Fnatic analyst who participated at the VCT LOCK/IN Grand Final, the ability is “the most power crept ability in the game at this point.”

Others provided more nuanced perspectives, questioning how other Agents would interact with Gekko and capitalize on his strengths. Fans of Valorant and professionals of the game are thrilled to test out the new Agent and see what they are capable of accomplishing with him in a match, regardless of their thoughts on Wingman or early claims that Gekko is too mighty.

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