Undisputed: The Upcoming Boxing Game – Release Date, Gameplay, and More

We have the first tale of the tape for Undisputed, formerly known as eSports Boxing Club, which is currently entering the ring. Here is everything you need to know, including a look at the roster of playable fighters and a summary of the fundamental gameplay mechanics.

Early in the new millennium, EA entertained boxing aficionados with a flurry of realism-based video games marketed as “Fight Night.” Before they eventually disappeared, these titles were thought to be among the greatest in the combat sports category. In contrast to games like WWE and UFC, boxing has mostly been ignored by the last several hardware generations. Fortunately, a new contender is finally starting to emerge for those ready to enter the ring and participate once more in the “gentleman’s sport.”

Undoubtedly, a new team at Steel City Interactive is working on a release that will soon bring a “world-leading” boxing simulation on a variety of platforms. Here is all the information you require, from when you can play it to a look at the fighters on the roster.

Release Date for Undisputed Boxing Game’s Early Access

On Tuesday, January 31, Undisputed will go into early access only on Steam.

Undisputed is now only playable during this early access period on Steam, so if you’d rather wait for the full version, it’s presently unknown when it might become accessible. Since development is still ongoing, this early access period may last for a considerable amount of time.

“We will release the entire edition of Undisputed when we, the developers, believe it is ready”, as stated on the game’s website. We intend to gradually add more information and features, and that will take time.

Undisputed Boxing: A Look at the Gameplay

Undisputed places the most emphasis on its refined visuals and unpolished gameplay mechanics in its pursuit of being the “most authentic boxing game to date.” To make sure that each combatant feels different, developers on the former have incorporated special movement systems, a wide variety of punching styles, and innumerable animations.

Players will notice an inventive physics system in the heat of battle that permits punches to “travel around or even through the guard” depending on a variety of factors.

Undisputed gameplay

Multiple competition locations, weight classes, a women’s division, and real-world referees all add to the authenticity of the game. Undisputed is an upcoming boxing game set to release on Steam early access on January 31st. It will offer realism and detailed gameplay mechanics.

We will update the blog with more information and features over time and keep you informed of the precise release date for Undisputed as soon as we determine it.

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