The Recombobulator Augment: A Game-Changing Flaw in TFT’s Set 8

A mysterious flaw in TFT’s Recombobulator Augment has enabled a player’s allies to transform into enemies and assault anything in their path.

Players can create, assemble, and control an army of their own League of Legends champions using Teamfight Tactics. Smart players can easily crush their opponents with nothing more than their vast intellects by pairing potent troops with characteristics and augments.

A potent game-changing benefit introduced in Set 6 of TFT, augments allow players to plot and tailor their board to their own game strategy. Playing around these augments is essential to winning because they have the power to significantly alter a match’s outcome.

The strong augment Recombobulator is one of these. The Recombobulator replaces all units on your board with random units that cost slightly more. Even though this appears to be a great idea on paper, you will no longer benefit from any qualities or synergies you may have had while running. Players will need to act quickly to reconsider their strategy using their freshly acquired units.

Recombobulator Augment Glitch in TFT Set 8: Units Turn Rogue

In Set 8, during a TFT match, it seemed that Recombobulator had different ideas for a certain player. One Reddit user discovered an intriguing problem after using Recombobulator as his third augment in a match. Now that the enemy units had red health bars, so did all of his own units.

The gamer defeated Zac in the PvE phase, but when he faced his next opponent, he saw something much more strange. The troops had turned rouge! All of the recombined troops changed into neutral units with no allegiance to any side. Anyone and everything that approached these units were attacked.

On the damage recap, it was simple to see that the player had lost the round. You can infer from it that the rogue units did not take their own team into consideration and were not taken into account at all for damage. Fortunately, this problem only affected the units that were on the player’s board, thus replacing those units would have been able to resolve the issue if the player hadn’t passed away soon after it appeared.

The player’s decision to augment at the last minute, which many TFT players believe to be a bad move, may have contributed to the issue. Although Riot Games itself have not yet confirmed this.

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