Upcoming Overwatch 2 Books to Reveal New PvE, Maps, and Heroes

When players can anticipate seeing the PvE content in 2023 as well as some new heroes and maps in the next seasons may be revealed by two upcoming Overwatch 2 books.

Later this year, Overwatch 2 fans eager for the PvE plot will finally be able to access the campaign content. Although the precise date is yet unknown, new OW2 books might offer some information. Both the upcoming books Overwatch: Declassified and Overwatch 2: Heroes Ascendant: An Overwatch Story Collection will contain significant information regarding the game’s lore.

These books have shown that Blizzard has a lot of new stuff up their sleeves and might hint at maps and even heroes, so players eager to discover more about Hanzo, Symmetra, Ashe, Ana, Soldier 76, and other characters should check them out.

Maps and Characters Could Be Hinted in Upcoming Books

Blizzard Entertainment will release Overwatch 2: Heroes Ascendant on October 17, 2023. The game will feature various short stories starring the game’s cast. The synopsis for some of these stories, as noticed by Overwatch Cavalry, hints that some major content may be forthcoming soon, especially given that OW2’s upcoming campaign will focus on the Null Sector invasion.

Some tales make references to new characters and maps. One of them reads, “Hanzo hears the spirit of his father—and sees a familiar face—as Null Sector drop pods rain down on Tokyo.”

One author will “trace Symmetra’s travels abroad to retrieve a Vishkar asset… and an old friend,” “a lending fresh perspective to Ana and Jack’s relationship as they weave through a damaged Istanbul to meet with a witness, one who claims to have knowledge of what brought down Overwatch all those years ago.”

Who recognizes Hanzo? Symmetra’s old friend? Istanbul may get a map. Overwatch: Declassified, which premieres November 7 in the US and July 28 in Canada, tells the “first-ever history of Overwatch, from its genesis in the Omnic Crisis to its collapse and reformation.”

OW2 Books: Launch of PvE Content Hinted at?

The description of the first book as the “ideal companion read to Overwatch 2’s primary tale” implies that its publication will somehow tie in with that game, making it interesting.

Although we already know that PvE will progressively roll out during 2023 and beyond, the developers have so far been quite quiet on story content. If the team releases the stories in bits throughout the year, they may make PvE available before October, allowing the book to serve as the “ideal companion read” to the campaign.

We’ll have to wait and see what Blizzard Entertainment has in store for later this year, but the developers have already made big claims about the next seasons, suggesting that when fans see them for themselves, they’ll scream, “Holy sh*t.”

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