Uncovering the Timeline of Overwatch 2: A Reddit User’s Easter Egg Discovery

An Easter egg on Paraiso has been found by an Overwatch 2 player, and it may shed light on the time period in which the game is actually set.

There is no hiding the fact that Overwatch 2 will take place in the not-too-distant future. This should come as no surprise that the sequel to Overwatch takes place a significant amount of time in the future, given the presence of futuristic elements such as flying cars in Midtown New York and a cybernetically enhanced soldier on the loose.

Canon generally accepts that the events in the first Overwatch game occurred in the middle of the 2070s, about 30 years after the Omnic Crisis. Now that we are playing Overwatch 2, we have received additional hints about the time period in which the sequel takes place.

Uncovering the Release Date of Overwatch 2: A Reddit User’s Discovery

Since the release of the game, players have been looking for information on the year and day on which the events of Overwatch 2 take place. A perceptive user on Reddit may have found the answer to this question.

A player was able to locate, on the map of Paraiso, a poster regarding club Sinestia that started Friday, May 14th. The player was on the map at the time. The gamer went into full detective mode and was able to determine that the only years in which May 14th falls on a Friday are 2077 and 2078. This information allowed the user to solve the mystery. This fits in nicely with the setting of the first Overwatch game, which was around the middle of the 2070s.

Since the events in Overwatch 2 take place exactly one year after the conclusion of the Recall animation, it is possible to deduce that the first game in the Overwatch series took place in either the year 2076 or 2077.

As the PvE content continues to be developed, it is probable that we will be able to acquire more and more information regarding the specific release dates of Overwatch 2. The new maps and events that take place within the mode may provide us with a better grasp of when exactly Overwatch 2 occurred. Additionally, these new maps and events may assist players in becoming more grounded in the events of the universe as they take place.

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