Olympus Temporarily Removed From Map Rotation in Apex Legends Due to Player Complaints and Errors

Olympus has been eliminated from the rotation of maps in Apex Legends by Respawn Entertainment as a result of player complaints about errors. While the development team works to address the problems, the new Ranked Split for Season 15 of Apex Legends has been postponed in order to transport players to the vibrant realm of Olympus.

Olympus was the third new map for Apex Legends, and it was released at the beginning of Season 7. It introduced players to a fresh map to get familiar with when it initially came out, with a vibrant and colorful environment full of many sites of interest. The development team recently disclosed that although it has remained on the map rotation throughout the seasons, players have been encountering errors when trying to play the game. These messages, sadly, were a result of an Olympus problem.

Olympus Temporarily Removed From Map Rotation Due To Issues

The decision to take Olympus out of the map rotation was announced by the developer in a tweet from the official Respawn Entertainment Twitter account. This was accomplished by adding a new playlist update, and the developer claimed that doing so would enable the team to address the map’s problems without impairing player experience.

As a result, Olympus will no longer be playable in Trios, Duos, or Ranked until the map’s issues are fixed. As the mode will be withdrawn on January 25, it also looks that the Hammond Labs position in the Control LTM is no longer in rotation, which is probably disappointing to some. World’s Edge will take Olympus’ place in Ranked while it is not currently in the map rotation.

Regrettably, Respawn Entertainment did not specify when the map would be restored. Nevertheless, several players appeared to appreciate the developer’s choice to stop including the map in the rotation. Olympus may be well-liked, but the general opinion appeared to prefer removing it so the game may operate as intended. Some people also mentioned how much they liked seeing the World’s Edge map back in Ranked.

The developer recently revealed significant changes to the matchmaking mechanism in Apex Legends, and now comes word that Olympus will temporarily be removed from the map rotation. Respawn Entertainment published a lengthy blog post explaining modifications to the ranked system, including extra “buckets” to account for skill levels, that sought to make the makeup of teams more egalitarian in response to complaints from the community about unfair pairings. It will be interesting to observe how the battle royale on its many maps is affected by these suggested improvements. For those who like its vibrant scenery and frenzied action, Olympus should soon be among them again.

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