Unbeatable Blaziken: A Programming Problem in Pokemon Go as Team GO Rocket Cheats

Pokemon Go is being taken over by Team GO Rocket. However, one player was defeated when a Grunt sent out a Blaziken with an unbeatable moveset. The list of moves that each species of Pokemon may learn and employ in combat is known as its learnset. Nonetheless, no single Pokemon can master all 915 moves in the series.

Take Charizard as an illustration. The Gen 1 dragon can learn 52 TMs and 15 moves via evolving or ranking up. However, due to its Fire typing, Charizard is unable to discover any Water or Grass-type activities. The kinds of moves that Pokemon can learn are independent of their typings. Gyarados, for example, is a Water/Flying-type with the ability to learn Flamethrower. However, unless a player utilizes hacks, a Pokemon can never know a move that isn’t in its learnset.

Blaziken has been “hacked” by Team Go Rocket Grunt

The fact that NPCs are subject to these guidelines enables gamers to prepare for upcoming encounters. They can prepare to bring Ground types that aren’t vulnerable to any of the opponent’s Pokemon’s moves if they’re up against a trainer who uses Electric-type Pokemon.

Nevertheless, Reddit user PeterOhhDee was prepared to battle a Team GO Rocket Grunt in Pokemon Go, so that wasn’t the case. With just one Pokémon left between the trainer and the grunt, Peter sent out his Dark/Ground-type Tyranitar to dispatch the severely outmatched Blaziken. Unexpectedly, the Blaziken began to utilize Razor Leaf, a decisive move against Ground-type Pokémon. The Tyranitar’s health bar dissolved instead of melting the Blaziken, leaving the firebird with a frustratingly small amount of life.

Every Pokémon has a learnset, as was already explained, and Razor Leaf is not included in Blaziken’s. In spite of its Fire typing, Blaziken can only learn one Grass-type move, Solar Beam. Although the unfair experience was upsetting, players in the comments didn’t seem shocked. They belong to Team Rocket. They would cheat, of course,” a user remarked. “Damn, Rockets be utilizing GameSharks,” one person commented.

Blaziken shouldn’t be able to access this move, so the game has a programming problem. Before Niantic can provide a remedy, we’ll need to wait and watch if Razor Leaf Blaziken starts causing additional issues in Pokemon Go.

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