Tyler1’s Outrage over League of Legends Matchmaking

A recent stream of League of Legends player named Tyler1 went on an extended rant about the problematic matchmaking mechanism in LoL.

No of the genre of the game, user wishes are rarely fulfilled by the matchmaking system. Developers have made attempts to implement systems that produce the best results. When people queue up for a game, Riot Games, for example, uses matchmaking that gives priority to three important points of interest: fair matches, position preferences, and quick lines.

Players continue to find themselves in situations where they must take the less desirable option despite all attempts to prevent it. And a number of people, including the well-known streamer Tyler1, have had enough.

Tyler1 Rants League of Legends Matching

During a recent live, Tyler1 had high hopes of being promoted to the jungle role after having played the mid-lane position in a number of previous matches. After seeing the assignment “Mid” appear on the screen for the third time in a row, the content producer unleashed a tirade that lasted for more than three minutes.

Tyler1 mentioned that the behavior of an average player arriving home late to repeated matches in which they can’t utilize their primary function is a formula for driving users away. He commented on the matchmaking system by stating, “It’s not that hard,” and then asked why Riot isn’t doing a better job of “balancing the game.” “It’s not that hard,” he said.

The YouTube channel Twitch Crops sliced apart and made into its own video the rage that Tyler1 had over League of Legends matching. Many League players, judging by the replies to the aforementioned video, can empathize with the streamer’s sense of helplessness.

One user stated, “T1 nails the nail on the head when it comes to casual players,” and another user added, “… Because I don’t have a lot of spare time when I do get to play, I want it to be something I look forward to, not something I have to force myself to do.

Several of the other commenters deemed the outburst “correct” and shared the same opinion. Many others have also stated that they have been of the same opinion for a considerable amount of time. It would appear that, despite the numerous updates made to League’s matchmaking over the past few years, there are still a few bugs in the system.

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