Fifakill Amazed on Warzone 2 Glitch Allows Player to Buy Back from Gulag

Ethan “Fifakill” Pink, a Warzone pro, couldn’t believe his eyes when his buddy brought him back from the Gulag, despite the fact that he hadn’t even finished his Gulag fight yet.

Since its release in November 2022, Warzone 2 has been plagued by a variety of technical difficulties. Now, with reports circulating that Season 2 could be further postponed until the middle of February, gamers in Al Mazrah are reporting an increasing number of strange flaws and anomalies.

One player, for instance, found himself transferred across the board after diving through the window of a building and landing a few hundred meters distant from his friends while they were hunting for their prize.

In the most recent instance of random glitches with no explanation, Fifakill was left completely speechless after this glitch, which saw him freed from the shackles of his Gulag without even having to wait for his teammate to finish his fight. This glitch was the latest instance of random glitches with no explanation.

Unusual Incident of Buying Back from Gulag in Warzone

As the clip shows, he has passed away, but his 2v2 teammate is still engaged in the Gulag combat when their other teammate announces that they have bought him back. Feef, who is obviously perplexed, thinks that they have instead brought someone else back into the game. However, his Gulag struggle comes to an end without him truly winning or losing it, and Fifa begins to fly back into the game at that point.

It is not apparent how this even took place; as the majority of players are aware, you cannot be purchased back from a Buy Station until you have lost your Gulag and waited a few moments, thus the fact that this option was available while you were still in the Gulag is extremely peculiar.

Nevertheless, despite the fact that it was severely flawed, it was successful for Feef. In any case, this is something that the developers will want to try to correct, and it remains to be seen if this is a strange one-off incident or whether it was caused by something in particular. However, in either case, it is something that they will want to try to fix.

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