Olaf’s 1v5 Pentakill and the Outrage in the League of Legends Community

Because of the potency of the bruiser items and the durability of Olaf’s armor, a player was able to pentakill the champion in a 1v5 encounter while remaining stationary. The present state of game balance has the League of Legends community in a rage.

Although there haven’t been many significant adjustments in Season 13, the ones that have been made have made bruisers and tanks quite dominant in the meta. Items like Ravenous Hydra and Jak’Sho have become meta-dominating options on many champions and have been sweeping both solo queue and casual play.

As the meta changes, players learn just how strong they can be with the proper set of items. New bruiser items allowed an Olaf player to effectively 1v5 the opposing team while still standing.

There have been some concerns voiced regarding the present status of League of Legends after a post mocking the “mechanically talented” pentakill garnered a lot of community attention.

After Olaf’s 1v5 Pentakill, The LoL Community Was Outraged

Pentakills are difficult to accomplish. A lot of things need to go perfectly in order to obtain one, and many League of Legends players fail to accomplish so even after many years of playing the game.

A player for Olaf, however, was able to score a pentakill while still in place. Even if this occurred in a gold-ranked game rather than Challenger gaming or anything, it has nevertheless generated a lot of discussion in the League of Legends community. This Olaf player was able to 1v5 the opposing team for the most of the game by using the new items Jak’Sho and Spear of Shojin, as well as Sterak’s Gage shield and Titanic Hydra’s AoE damage AD.

This is a meme version of a video that was originally posted on Reddit a day earlier but then taken down. It shows Olaf facetanking insane amounts of damage and triumphing despite the fact that his squad was dispersed.

By the end of the game, this Olaf player dealt 70,000 damage with a slashline of 20/12/15, according to an identical match we uncovered. Players contend that Olaf’s player isn’t particularly skilled and that they’re actually being supported by the build’s power in the current meta.

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