The T-Posing Blanche: A Humorous Glitch in Pokemon Go’s A Mystic Hero Event

During the A Mystic Hero event, Pokemon Go gamers discovered a humorous glitch involving Blanche where their model seems to start “T-posing” randomly. It’s now time for Pokemon Go’s A Mystic Hero event, which features Blanche, the captain of Team Mystic, and a brand-new Costume Lapras.

The event has yet to start well because Niantic neglected to include the model for the Costume Lapras, which led to the game crashing during that section of the Special Research Task. Trainers have reported another glitch with the A Mystic Research event; Blanche appears to sporadically T-pose while speaking.

Pokemon Go fans discover Blanche’s “T-posing” flaw

Several social media posts referred to the humorous bug and included images and videos of Blanche striking the T-pose.

Fans may get a good look at the issue in a video titled “Blanche’s belt on their jacket having a life of its own,” published on TheSilphRoad subreddit. During Blanche’s Special Research discussion, their posture abruptly changes from their natural attitude to a stiff, robotic pose with their arms slightly apart.

Blanche’s belt sticks straight out to the side, and she adopts the robotic stance, which makes the bug even funnier. Some trainers immediately pointed out that Blanche is assuming an A-pose, which is when a model’s arms are just slightly protruding to the side. “Blanche’s coat is in the T-Pose while she is in the A-Pose. One trainer said, “She’s a force to be feared.

Similar jokes were made about Blanche’s position by other viewers. One said they were “T-posing for dominance,” while another said, “Deploy All-range Mode!” However, not all gamers found the problem amusing, with some claiming it was just another instance of Niantic, the game’s lazy development. So Blanche is T-posing in the new event research, a fan wrote in a Reddit post. Niantic no longer seems to give a damn, in my opinion.

The OP wasn’t alone in feeling this way, as many replies pointed out that problems have occurred before. “Anymore? The answer from one trainer was, “That ship sailed a long time ago. Fortunately, Niantic can quickly remedy this via a patch. The developer still needs to decide whether or not to do this.

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