The Sensitive Side of Gamers: Why Kelvin from Sons of the Forest is Winning Hearts

Never let it be said that gamers lack a more sensitive side, as many of them appear to like Kelvin, the companion NPC who aids the player in Endnight Games’ survival game Sons of the Forest. When it comes to horror games, there is a lot to be excited about, whether it be the forthcoming remakes of Resident Evil 4 and Silent Hill 2 or new installments in the Outlast and Layers of Fear series. Right now, both the AAA and indie scenes are prospering.

Sons of the Forest, which topped the Steam charts, sold two million downloads in a single day, and may have been the cause of Steam’s recent system outage, is the clearest example. It’s a noteworthy accomplishment for an independent developer and demonstrates the devotedness and steadfastness of their backing for smaller firms. Despite the fact that the horror genre is currently in a golden age and that SotF offers something a little different from all the other AAA releases, one component of the game attracts players.

Kelvin from Sons of the Forest: The NPC Winning Gamers’ Hearts

The Sons of the Forest subreddit makes it clear that fans adore Kelvin, the player’s Artificial companion with brain problems. User Crystalsight mentions the NPC in a Star Wars screenshot, in which Lord Vader inquires about Kelvin’s safety.

Another user, KilroyWH1939, posted a message that appears to be a meme and said, “I know Kelvin got me,” suggesting that the companion will always be there for them. Then there is the post from CoolJoshido, in which the NPC is depicted with hearts surrounding him, and the game’s notepad has the words “I love you” scribbled on it. You can view the Reddit thread here.

Sons of the Forest revealed Kelvin early this year, for those unaware. He is there to help the player by obeying orders and making the solo campaign feel less isolated. He cannot communicate due to his severe head injury, but he appears to be happy to accompany anyone who might find the dark forest a little overwhelming.

At present, survival games are still quite popular, and titles like Sons of the Forest are doing their part to keep the genre alive, particularly when it comes to horror. Fans are glad to display their admiration for the helpful character, Kelvin, proving that there is more to this sequel than just fending against cannibalistic tribes.

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