Dead Space Remake: Will there be a Dead Space 2 Remake or Dead Space 4?

Since its release, the Dead Space Remake has been a smash hit with horror fans. Nevertheless, with the game supposedly doing well, there are concerns about the franchise’s future and whether or not EA would create a Dead Space 2 Remake.

Many people anticipated that Dead Space 4 would conclude in the same way as Dead Space 3 did, but this never happened, and the franchise was stuck in limbo for a long time. According to rumors and rumors, the third installment of the horror franchise flopped. Hence EA decided against developing a fourth game.

Even though EA eventually addressed these allegations and referred to them as “patently incorrect,” a Dead Space 4 was never made available. Over ten years after its original release, Isaac Clarke’s original Necromorph horror is expertly retold in The Dead Space 1 Remake, according to our review. It firmly restores the survival horror origins of the series, which had been lost in later sequels’ shift to action-oriented gameplay.

Would EA rebuild Dead Space 2 now that the series is back on solid ground? Or if the remake is a hit, will they finally develop a Dead Space 4?

Is Dead Space 2 getting a remake?

EA hasn’t said much about a prospective Dead Space 2 remake up to this point, but a recent global survey the business conducted may have given the game’s publisher and creator a hint.

Players who have signed up for the company’s emails have likely received surveys asking how interested they would be in a recreation of Dead Space 2 (2011). Also, a poll asking players if they would like to see a recreation of Dead Space 3 has nearly identical wording.

The Last of Us Part 1, several Resident Evil remakes, Silent Hill 2, and Alone in the Dark have all jumped on the survival horror remake bandwagon, much to the joy of horror fans everywhere. Capcom remade the franchise repeatedly until they ran out of games, and EA could do the same. Capcom currently needs help deciding which game to recreate next. Fans would then want EA to finish the collection with Dead Space 3 – undoubtedly the runt of the litter – even though they could rebuild Dead Space 2 using the engine of the original remake.

Hence, EA is back where they were with its Dead Space 4 problem. The fact that Dead Space 2 and 3 are substantially more extensive and more challenging games is a further problem. Remaking them is possible, but it’s a considerably more complex effort than the original Dead Space’s relatively straightforward and constricted design.

Naturally, EA hasn’t ordered a remake of Dead Space to end the series once more; instead, the remake exists to give the property new life. Thus it stands to reason that Isaac Clarke will likely appear again soon if the game is successful. The only remaining query is how, specifically.

Dead Space 4 Banner

What about Dead Space 4?

The long-awaited game is still up in the air because EA decided to rebuild the first game in the series rather than commit to a Dead Space 4. Still, given that the property is now again alive, Dead Space 4 may once again be a possibility.

It dramatically hinges on the performance of the Dead Space 1 Remake and whether EA chooses to produce additional remakes rather than a follow-up. Although many fans would still prefer to see the cliffhanger from Dead Space 3 resolved, EA will likely forgo remakes of Dead Space 2 and 3 in favor of creating Dead Space 4 with the updated remake technology.

Of course, this is still a pipedream at the moment, as there’s been no official statement from EA, but it’s more plausible as of 2023 than it has been since the Dead Space 3 was published in 2013. We must wait to see what the devs come up with and how well the Dead Space reboot does.

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