The Secret to Taking Down the Juggernaut in Warzone 2’s DMZ Mode

In order to enable everyone gather their stuff and go on without risking it all in the DMZ, a Warzone 2 TikTok has disclosed the method for defeating those enormous juggernaut opponents. The Juggernaut is one of the toughest foes in the game and often requires a coordinated effort to defeat. However, a recent TikTok by DrChubz has revealed a more efficient way to take down this enemy and secure its valuable loot.

One of the game’s toughest foes is DMZ’s Juggernaut. Even the greatest players struggle to defeat him without a well-planned strategy.

Although it’s never been entirely clear where the large boy’s weak points are. One TikToker has thoroughly analyzed the best approach to protect the big boy’s riches for any teams that haven’t yet acquired the RPK Caution Tape blueprint.

Easy Approach to Defeat the Juggernaut in DMZ Mode of Warzone 2

The breakdown that is displayed below was created by TikToker DrChubz. He initially asserted that the enemy’s helmet was impenetrable. But he soon changed his position after his comment section corrected him.

Upon returning inside to test it, he discovered that the helmet of the imposing powerhouse could withstand nearly the same amount of damage due to the absence of a damage multiplier on what ought to be a natural weak point.


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Further investigation immediately revealed that both locations had their own health reserves. Also squads should choose one or the other where to concentrate their fire. For anyone who was bold enough to take the work, this is a far speedier approach to handle the situation. It could also potentially save a lot of time and worry.

It is strongly advised to bring insured weapons and Three-Plate vests into the fight. Like with the Chemist (Warzone 2/DMZ’s other major enemy), in order to stay safe and to protect any contraband you may be transporting that is worthwhile keeping in hand.

The Juggernaut can still be defeated in other ways. But players should exercise caution, bring insured weapons, and wear Three-Plate vests. Just to protect themselves and any valuables they may be carrying. But by using these suggestions, you can significantly improve your odds of victory and ease the process of knocking down the Juggernaut.

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