Transform Into a Pokemon Trainer With This Epic Elden Ring Mod

An excellent mod that combines The Lands Between and Pokemon Scarlet & Violet was made by an Elden Ring fan. The year 2022 offered a ton of fantastic games for players of all stripes to enjoy.

The options available to players in 2022 were certainly not many, whether they wanted to test their mettle with Elden Rings’ difficult gameplay or explore large open worlds populated by charming critters in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet.

A fan mod that features new player models, summon models, and more has combined the colorful and vivid Pokemon Scarlet & Violet creatures with the dark and dismal Elden Ring universe.

Fan of Elden Ring Makes Beautiful Pokemon Mod

Arestame, a FromSoftware supporter and modder, tweeted a video of the mod in use, and it rapidly went popular on social media.

The model portraying the player character in the video wore the Academy hat, white button-up shirt, and multicolored pinstripe shorts from Pokemon Scarlet & Violet. Additionally, the modder changed Koraidon, a Pokemon Scarlet box Legendary, for Torrent, the Tarnished’s spectral horse.

The trailer also featured additional characters that had been altered to resemble Pokemon from Paldea, such the Black Knife Tiche summon that resembled Meowscarada and the Magma Wyrm that resembled Skeledirge.

The hack also replaces random foes in the expansive open area of Elden Ring with a variety of additional Paldean Pokemon, like Smoliv, Quaxly, and Lechonk. Fans praised the smoothness of the mod as Arestame’s tweet rapidly received over 70,000 likes and 20,000 retweets.

“Hello! What are the chances of me being able to play this, it’s totally fantastic? ” questioned YouTube clip producer Slimecicle, while other users responded with statements like “I can’t believe this is real” to show their shock at the mod.

Unfortunately, it’s unclear whether the mod is genuinely accessible at this time because Arestame hasn’t yet provided a link to download it on PC along with the trailer. Elden Ring enthusiasts should be able to enter The Lands Between and capture them all, or perish in the attempt, with a little more time.

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