Overwatch 2’s Battle for Olympus Event Receives Backlash from Players

The Overwatch 2 community hasn’t exactly embraced the Battle for Olympus event, as some are already looking for workarounds to the “ridiculous” event challenges. The Battle for Olympus event hasn’t received as well as Overwatch 2, despite the general success of the game’s debut.

The free-for-all game mode pits a few significantly modified iterations of current heroes against one another in a struggle to win the match and rack up the most kills on a shared global scoreboard.

Unfortunately, some players are calling it the “worst event in Overwatch history,” and there are a lot of things about the event that gamers don’t like. Many players have reached the point where they have had to turn to alternative techniques in order to complete the event tasks, which include grinding out hero kills.

Players Discovers a Solution to Overcome Olympus Challenges

The Battle for Olympus mode has the drawback of only allowing players to single queue for it in an effort to maintain competitive integrity. Additionally, in order to complete a series of event tasks, players must eliminate 300 characters. Players would need to earn 2100 elims in order to use 7 playable characters.

Titles that are obtained by accomplishing these tasks must be earned through several hours of grinding by the person who wants to obtain them. But those who are willing to give in have discovered a means to avoid the struggle. 

Overwatch 2 players are completing Battle for Olympus the conventional way through negotiation instead of using a standard exploit or glitch to farm out challenges.

Players, in some situations, are just sitting still to farm off of each other because they’ve determined that grinding out the difficulties with one another is preferable to having to roll the dice on whether or not they had have a good match. It gets worse, which isn’t a good sign for the mode.

Once the event is over, the character that will be immortalized in Overwatch 2 will be chosen from the leaderboard associated with this mode. But the leaderboard statistics won’t be very reliable if enough players rig game outcomes.

Players aren’t happy with the Battle for Olympus event or the lengths they must go to in order to achieve its challenges, despite the fact that this is a rather low-stakes tournament.

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