The Quest for Rare Sized Pokemon in Pokemon GO: The Tiny Tyranitar

Pokemon come in all colors, shapes, and sizes, but one Pokemon GO user claimed to have captured an absurdly tiny Tyranitar. Trainers can find Pokemon all around the world in Pokemon GO, but some of them will appear smaller — and in some cases larger — than others. This causes collectors to look for little monsters in every size category.

A recent Pokemon GO event, Larvitar Community Day Classic, promoted the line and allowed players to collect as many as they wished with a better chance of getting a shiny. Players who paid for the three-hour event received experience points, Poke Balls, and Larvitar candies in exchange for their participation.

One Pokemon GO player Larvitar, which developed into Tyranitar, had a strange trait. Reddit user Neonwolf9 posted an unusual Tyranitar to Pokemon GO that measures 1.0 meters, or 3.28 feet. This Pokemon GO update added more XXS and XXL Pokemon, but this one may be the most unique.

Mega Evolved Tyranitar in Pokemon GO: Power and Popularity

Tyranitars are usually twice as big as this smaller version; they can grow to be close to seven feet tall and weigh around 445 pounds. Many had noted that this Tyranitar, in particular, is quite wide for its height because it did pack a powerful 200 pounds when it belonged to Neonwolf9.

God help us, it’s a 200-pound angry toddler,” remarked a Reddit user lastdarknight in one of the thread’s more than 400 comments, which received over 3,000 likes on its first day on the subreddit. In the second generation of Pokemon, Gold, and Silver, the dual-type Rock/Dark pseudo-legendary Pokemon was introduced. It rapidly won over fans with its massive build and powerful base attack.

The Mega Evolution transition was introduced in the sixth generation of Pokemon, Pokemon X and Y. It allows players to use things to mega evolve their Pokemon, giving them an increase in stats and making them more dangerous. One of the 48 Mega Evolutions, Tyranitar, when exposed to Tyranitarite, became Mega Tyranitar.

Pokemon GO is off to a great start in the new year, with several special challenges and events to keep players entertained. Pokemon GO’s Crackling Voltage event will increase wild Pokemon appearances after the Larvitar Community Day Classic. Meltan and Dedenne may also spawn if trainers are lucky.

On January 27, players may expect to see Tapu Koko, the Land God Pokemon, in 5-star raids and capture a shiny version for the first time. Pokemon GO is still popular in 2023, and February updates are likely.

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