New Tournament Organizer for NLC:’s Revitalization Efforts

The NLC will also have a new tournament organizer take over the operation of the competition beginning in the year 2023. This is a direct result of the announcement that led to them becoming an unaccredited ERL.

The group known as is responsible for making the announcement itself. Under the direction of Freaks 4u Gaming, the company that currently holds the license will manage the National League of Competitors and its preliminary rounds.

Revitalization Efforts for the National League of Competitors with

They stated that they are “working hard to make it the best experience possible for all stakeholders involved” and that their primary objective for the spring will be to “deliver timely and clear communication.” The NLC Spring Split will begin in a few days. Long term, their objective is to establish what they refer to as a “healthy and stable ecosystem for clubs, players, and the entire community.”

With this announcement, there is a glimmer of hope that the NLC will be resurrected in 2023. Throughout the past few years, a growing number of esports teams have left the NLC environment due to a lack of financial support and the difficulty of remaining profitable. Because of this, the league was forced to reduce its size and start operating as an ERL that was not accredited in 2023. 

The league will now only have eight clubs competing rather than ten, and the prize money has been significantly cut. In addition to this, the league will no longer have a studio broadcast, and there will be a reduction in both the amount of media content and total coverage.

Also, given that the NLC has been demoted to the non-accredited status, the organization will have a lower probability of being eligible for the EU Masters. In addition, players from the NLC will not be permitted to join the recently announced Champions Queue for the EMEA region. With the addition of, the National League of Competitors (NLC) may finally be on the verge of making a comeback after being in a precarious position for quite some time.

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