Elden Ring Rune Farming Guide 2024

Runes are your basic currency in Elden Ring, allowing you to level up your character, purchase various items, and upgrade your armament. Therefore, the importance of Rune farming can’t be undermined, especially considering how easy it is to lose them upon death.

Look no further if you need a comprehensive Elden Ring Rune farming and AFK Rune farming guide. Keep reading as we discover the various Elden Ring Rune farming spots throughout different phases of the game.

Best Early-Game Elden Ring Rune Farming Locations

Stormhill Rune Farming – 120,000+ Runes/Hour

We start off our early-game Rune farming in the very first area of Limgrave. It is the perfect place for early-game Rune farming due to basic enemies. After reaching Limgrave, head north to get to the Stormhill area once you receive your mount.

From the Warmaster’s Shack Site of Grace in Stormhill, head southeast, where you will come across 5 Giants. Each Giant grants 1000 Runes per kill, making it the easiest and most accessible early-game farm spot. 

Killing the giant isn’t tricky at all. If you’re using a melee build, one or two charged attacks should knock out the giants, allowing you to follow up with a critical attack. For sorcery builds, you can just snipe the giants from a safe distance.


Caelid Rune Farming – 300,000+ Runes/Hour

Our second favorite early-game spot is a little tricky to get to and might be challenging for new players. However, if you feel confident and want to maximize your Rune gain early on, you shall be rewarded accordingly.

This farming spot is located in Caelid, which is a mid-game area. However, you can find a teleporter near the Third Church of Marika in Limgrave, which takes you directly to the northern area of Caelid, Greyoll’s Dragonbarrow. Rest on the Farum Greatbridge Site of Grace in Dragonbarrow to activate it.Around the Farum Greatbridge Site of Grace, you will find 11 Vulgar Militiamen, each granting you 1023 Runes per kill. Remember that they can be quite difficult and annoying early in the game, but with some practice, you can consistently take them down easily.


Best Mid-Game Elden Ring Rune Farming Locations

Windmill Village Rune Farming – 400,000+ Runes/Hour

Mid-game, many new areas open up for you on the map, and as you explore, you will discover more farming spots. One of the best Rune farming spots we have found by the mid-game is in Windmill Village, located in Altus Plateau.

From the Windmill Village Site of Grace, head up the stairs to find a group of Celebrants. Most of them are non-aggro, which means they wouldn’t attack you until you attack them first. However, each one of them drops 279 Runes upon killing.The most time-efficient strategy to kill Celebrants is to hit one of them in the center so they all group up on you, then use an AoE attack to take out a bunch of them. Doing so will net you the maximum number of Runes in the shortest time.


Mohgwyn Palace Rune Farming – 1,900,000+ Runes/Hour

By far, the most broken Rune farm in Elden Ring is located in the Mohgwyn Palace. It is an area that can be quite challenging to access; however, it is well worth the effort as it has the most efficient Rune-farming strategies and a top-notch boss encounter.

You can get to the Mohgwyn Palace by the mid-game by following Varre’s questline or finding a teleporter in the Mountaintop of the Giants.

Once you access the area and reach the Palace Approach Ledge-Road Site of Grace, walk a few steps forward to reach the ledge. You can see a Blistered Crow just chilling down in the valley.All you need for this Rune exploit to work is a bow and a bunch of arrows. Simply shoot the Blistered Crow, which aggros it, making it run and fall to death. Each kill takes about 20 seconds and grants 11,038 Runes. This exploit has existed since the game’s release and still works as of patch 1.08 of Elden Ring.


Best Late-Game Elden Ring Rune Farming Locations

Zamor Ruins Rune Farm – 500,000 Runes/Hour

Late-game areas in Elden Ring significantly ramp up in both the difficulty and your Rune gains. One of the best farming spots we have discovered in the end-game areas is Zamor Ruins, located on the Mountaintops of the Giants

If you head south from the Zamor Ruins Site of Grace, you will find a single Zamor Knight patrolling the ruins. It drops 5033 Runes upon each kill, and you can reset the fight easily by teleporting back to the Grace site.Zamor Knights are tough foes, but by the end game, you will have enough tools at your disposal to take them out in a couple of seconds. That said, if your weapon has a Bloody Slash skill, you can easily stagger-lock them.


Mohgwyn Palace Rune Farming – 5,000,000 Runes/Hour

Finally, the last farming spot we want to discuss is again in the Mohgwyn Palace. It is right next to where you farmed the Blistered Crow earlier. To get the most value out of this farming spot, you need to acquire the Sacred Relic Sword by beating the game’s final boss.

You will find 16 Albinaurics next to the Palace Approach Ledge-Road Site of Grace. Most of them are non-aggro until you hit them. Each drops 2033 Runes, enabling you to obtain over 32,000 Runes every run.The Sacred Relic Sword has an AoE skill called Wave of Gold. You can cast two skills with this sword to take out all the Albinaurics, making each run last 20 to 30 seconds. By doing so, you can farm over 5 million Runes in just an hour, making it much better than the Blistered Crow farm.


Best Elden Ring AFK Rune Farming Locations

AFK farming is generally not a thing in Elden Ring. Most of the time, you have to be actively engaged in combat while farming.

However, there are some spots where you can find enemies fighting amongst themselves, allowing you to enjoy a couple of Runes while sitting AFK.

The best non-exploit AFK farm spot we have discovered is in Caelid, near the Impassable Greatbridge Site of Grace. There, you will find a couple of Radhan Soldiers and dogs fighting against each other. You will acquire ruins in its vicinity whenever a soldier or dog is killed.Keep in mind that this is a slow Rune farming method, as the enemies can take a long time to kill each other. Besides, you only get 200 Runes from the soldiers, whereas the dogs drop 313 Runes.


How To Prep For Efficient Rune Farming In Elden Ring?

Aside from the Mohgwyn Palace spots, there are no specific requirements for these farms. However, you can significantly improve your farming speed and efficiency using some items. The two items we recommend carrying are as follows:

Golden Scarab 

It is a talisman that increases your Runes acquisition by 20%. You can acquire this by killing Cleanrot Knight (Sickle) & Cleanrot Knight (Spear) dual boss in the Abandoned Cave, located in Dragonbarrow, Caelid.

Gold-Pickled Fowl Foot

It is a consumable item that increases your Rune acquisition by 30% for 3 minutes upon usage. It is not reset upon resting at a Grace site, so you can use it effectively while farming. This item can be found in various locations throughout the game. You can also buy it from Patches for 600 Runes.

We hope this Elden Ring Rune farming and AFK Rune farming guide helps you obtain a large number of Runes throughout all the game phases. Master these farming routines to level up faster and keep a stock of the various items you can purchase.

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