The Day Before: Controversy Surrounds Game’s Reality After Delay and Gameplay Demo

Developer Fntastic has published a video showing off gameplay in response to claims that The Day Before isn’t a real game following its unexpected 10-month delay. Players who still don’t believe the game actually requests additional evidence from the developers.

When its reveal video debuted, The Day Before had already gained attention online. The survival MMO attracted a sizable audience and received high accolades during its initial market push. Due to this, the game quickly rose to the top of Steam’s most-wanted games list.

But that Steam page has subsequently been removed, and the game’s developer, Fntastic, claims that this was because of a disagreement over the game’s name. But it was done so “at the request of a private individual.” This has given rise to widespread rumors that The Day Before is fiction.

A 10-minute gameplay video with one of the developers playing the game has been uploaded. It help people eagerly anticipate the game’s release pass the time. Gamers aren’t persuaded thus far.

The Day Before makes a “hurried” gameplay demo available

Fantastic released a new gameplay demo for The Day Before after the game’s initial scheduled release date to showcase their development work. Many people in the YouTube comments and Twitter replies weren’t satisfied with the gaming on show. Even though some critics have been persuaded that the game is real.

The video received criticism for the few zombies that could be seen on-screen at once. The gameplay consisting of “simply a character jogging across the area.” Also the gamers repeat their belief that it would be a “miracle” if this game were ever to be released.

In addition, the creators have come under fire for failing to demonstrate features like PvP that were promised in previous pre-release materials before the game’s now-delayed release date.

Nevertheless, Fantastic also made a 10-minute gameplay video available. To demonstrate that The Day Before was indeed being played. The video showed one of the game’s developers playing it live. They even showed off their mouse and keyboard.

The response to this video was not universal, and some gamers urged the developers to conduct a live stream in its place. Others have commented on the YouTube video, alleging that the mouse and keyboard movements don’t match what is happening on the screen by connecting timestamps to specific places in the film.

Some people’s skepticism concerning The Day Before has been allayed by these two videos, but some people are still skeptical.

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