The Adventure Zone: The Eleventh Hour Graphic Novel Release Date and Purchase Information

Those following along with The Adventure Zone podcast will be able to dive into the latest graphic novel adventure, The Eleventh Hour. This article contains all the information you need about the release date and where to purchase it.

The McElroy family is responsible for the popular Podcast adventure, and the Graphic Novel known as The Adventure Zone: Balance. The narrative is based on a Dungeons & Dragons game, and it follows Taako, Merle, Magnus, and some of their other companions as they journey through a world steeped in history and culture. Fans of “The Adventure Zone” were ecstatic when they learned that the story would be turned into graphic novels even though the “Balance” plot arc of the series concluded in 2017. The illustrated volumes, which Carey Pietsch has drawn, provide additional elements to the plot of Balance and breathe new life into the cast of characters who are already very much liked.

Fans have not had the opportunity to purchase the following edition for almost two years since the first publication of The Crystal Kingdom book in 2021. The title of this volume is “The Crystal Kingdom.” On February 21, 2023, The Adventure Zone Volume 5 will carry the novel’s protagonists through The Eleventh Hour. The book will be available for purchase.

Information about where to get the graphic novel The Adventure Zone: The Eleventh Hour

Players have the opportunity to acquire advance copies of The Eleventh Hour and take part in a free live broadcast event that will take place on February 21 at 8 PM Eastern Time. This information was released on the Twitter account for First Second Books.

Individuals interested in participating can get a copy of the graphic novel at one of the many brick-and-mortar or online retailers, such as Barnes & Noble or Click on the following link to obtain your free copy:

Fans who pre-order the book will also have the opportunity to submit their receipts to get a unique lenticular sticker comparable to the one found in The Crystal Kingdom. Nevertheless, to get these stickers, you will need to pre-purchase them and upload a picture of your receipt to the website.

Soon, fans of The Adventure Zone will be able to observe how Merle, Taako, and Magnus respond to the obstacles in front of them in the graphic novels, and how their responses may deviate from the storyline presented in the podcast.

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