Toronto Ultra Shocks Fans by Choosing Hicksy Over Standy for Major 3 Qualifiers in 2023 CDL Season

After finishing in the top six at Major 2, the Toronto Ultra team decided to call up Challengers star Charlie “Hicksy” Hicks rather than Eli “Standy” Bentz for the remainder of the 2023 Championship CDL season. This was although Toronto Ultra was expected to be one of the best teams in the competition.

During the offseason, there was a substantial turnover on the roster for Toronto Ultra. The company decided to replace Call of Duty star player Cameron “Cammy” McKilligan. The Call of Duty icon Ben Bance with up-and-coming talents Scrappy and Standy. As a result, they parted ways with both of them. Scrappy and Standy are considered rising stars in the Call of Duty community. Standy was demoted to substitute after only the first two Major tournaments of the year. Also, another newcomer was introduced to the field of competitors to keep things interesting.

Hicksy replaces Standy on the lineup for Toronto Ultra in a surprising move for the Major 3 qualifiers

The decision to relocate was suddenly announced on February 18th, leaving the entire community in disbelief. The business announced that effective immediately. Standy would be moving to a space on bench, and Hicksy would be promoted to a position on starting team.

Until that moment, the group had only competed in a single match for the Major three qualifications, which they lost to Boston Breach by a score of 1-3. Before that point, the team had not ever faced off against another team. Standy completed the competition with a score of -11 in terms of K/D. Which resulted in a score of 0.86 overall in the round. Standy did not waste any time in offering a comment to the news when it became publicized; he did it immediately. He stated, “All I need to do is work on myself and become the player I know I am capable of being.”

Since the year 2022, when the Toronto Ultra organization was first established, Hicksy has been a member of its ranks. In February of that year, he made his debut in the scene by becoming a Toronto Ultra NA Challengers member. By October of that year, he had eventually worked his way up to the position of substitute for the team. The next game for Toronto Ultra is planned to take place on Sunday, February 19, and is scheduled to be played versus Vegas Legion.

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